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Now Hiring: Burnett County Youth & Family Summer Intern

This position is designed to provide assistance to Burnett County UW-Extension staff during the busy summer months to carry out the goals of the youth and family program.  The 4-H Youth & Family Summer Intern will increase his/her knowledge of youth and family development programs, community partnerships, volunteer development, UW-Extension and the 4-H Youth & Family Development Educator responsibilities.

Position Description

Summer Intern Schedule

Spring 2015 Project Day

Project Day is an afternoon of fun, hands-on, learning experiences for local 4-H youth and the community. Need not be enrolled in 4-H to attend. Must be in grades Kindergarten and above to participate. This event showcases all of the fun things you can do in 4-H! Participants will have the opportunity to work on various projects they are interested in. These projects will be taught by older 4-H youth and adult volunteers from the area!

There will be a total of three, one-hour afternoon sessions for participants to attend. The sessions are approximately 50-60 minutes, feature kid/adult friendly material, are interactive/hands-on, experiential, and may include a project that you can take away from the session that day!

The registration deadline is Monday, March 23.  Sessions will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

For session descriptions and registration forms, go to Project Day Flyer.

Read the March 2015 Burnett County 4-H Bugle Here!

The March Bugle has info about:

  • How to help the 4-H program
  • Upcoming events
  • 4-H News
    • Cultural Arts Festival
    • Summer Camp
    • Tire Gardens
    • Siren Community Ag Association College Scholarship
    • Youth Protection Training
    • Project Day
    • I Want 2 Know! Camp
  • Project Areas
    • Animal Sciences
    • Arts & Communication
    • Mechanical Sciences
    • Natural Resources
    • Plant & Soil Sciences/Mini Master Gardener Short Course
    • Younger Members
    • Youth Leadership/YELL Conference
  • Club News
  • Leaders’ Pages

2015 Cultural Arts Festival

After much date juggling, we’ve nailed down the Cultural Arts Festival for this year.  It will be held on Sunday, May 3 from 1pm – 4pm at Siren School.  Mark your calendars!

There are two changes to the contest this year.

  • Registration:  Members are required to register for ALL areas.  In the past this was not required for photography or arts & crafts.  So please note that if you are going to enter anything at all in the Cultural Arts Festival, you must register.
  • Act in a Sack: This is a new category in Drama that sounds like a lot of fun!  A team of 2 to 4 youth will receive a sack of props and a situation (or you can create your own).  The team has 10 minutes to organize a 10-15 minute act or play.  Look for more information in the Drama Contest section of the registration packet below.

Registration deadline is Monday, April 13, 2015 at 7pm (at the Leaders’ meeting).  Registrations may be emailed to egreiff@burnettcounty.org, dropped off at the office, or mailed as long as we receive them by the deadline.

2015 Burnett County Cultural Arts Festival Contest Information & Entry Forms

NOTE:  For the Photography and Arts & Crafts Contests: DON’T SKIP STEP 1 of the directions.  Write your name and club on the back of the registration form.

2015 Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H Wildlife Art Registration

This Wisconsin 4-H activity is open to all Wisconsin 4-H Club members.  You may be enrolled in any 4-H project to participate in Wildlife WHEP (Wildife Habitat Education Program) Wisconsin 4-H activities.

The Wildife Art Contest will be held in conjunction with the Tri County Tournament on Friday-Saturday, March 27-28, 2015 at Washington County Fair Park, 3000 Hwy PV, West Bend, WI.

Registration deadline is March 7, 2015.  Items must be on display by 10am Saturday, March 28 to be judged.

Wildife Art Registration Form

For more information, go to the WHEP website or contact Barb or Norb Yogerst at 262-677-2379 or nbyogerst@gmail.com.

2015 Tri-County 4-H Invitational Archery & Air Rifle Tournament

The tournament will be held Friday – Saturday, March 27-28, 2015 at Washington County Fair Park, 3000 Hwy PV, West Bend, WI.  Events are for individuals or teams in three age categories from ages 8-19.

Registration deadline for the tournament is March 7, 2015.

Archery Registration Form

Air Rifle Registration Form

Team Competition Registration Form

Contact Barb or Norb Yogerst at 262-677-2379 or nbyogerst@gmail.com for more information.

Fall/Winter 2014 LakeLines

The 2014 fall/winter edition of LakeLines contains the following articles:

  • Eating Invasives
  • Shallow Waters Run Deep
  • Adopt-A-Lake Program in Phelps School District
  • Lake Policy News Straight to Your Inbox
  • Sharing the Lake with Our Feathered Anglers
  • Fathead Minnow Control of Mosquitoes
  • Wetland Critters for Kids – The Beaver
  • Message from the President

2014 Spring/Summer LakeLines

Read the latest edition of LakeLines.

The issue includes articles on:

  • Shoreline Incentive Program
  • Burnett County Lakes and Rivers Association’s Support of LakeLine’s Distribution Expansion
  • Existing Aquatic Invasive Species by Lake
  • Japanese Hops
  • Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference
  • What Boat Registrations Fund
  • Lake Resource Contact Information
  • Wetland Critters for Kids – The Great Blue Heron
  • And More!


Forest Fast Breaks Videos

Forest Fast Breaks are concise, engaging animated YouTube shorts that simplify complex forestry topics. The videos highlight forest ecology, sustainable forest management practices, and the environmental benefits of utilizing wood in consumer products and as a building material. Videos are suitable for third grade through adult learners.

Forest Fast Breaks